ARVO Spilkum, wild clay bowl with spout, No 5.

ARVO astiasto


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Product description

UDUMBARA's modern take on the traditional Nordic Spilkum bowl. It is a multi-purpose bowl with a spout, made for blending, pouring, and serving. Our pottery products are made in Kallio, Helsinki, from genuine local red clay from the Kultela Brickworks. The material gives the products a wonderfully rich earthy character.

The size will vary, it is made from 1 kg of Kultela clay, and it stores approximately 1,2 liters.

UDUMBARA's kitchenware products are called "ARVO" in honor of Arvo Kankare from Kultela brickworks. He taught Eva how to use this unique rich local clay. ARVO also means "value" in Finnish. In Instragram #ARVOPilkkumi .

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