Tea bowl w. 12,3 x h. 5,5 cm


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Product description

UDUMBARA pottery products are made buy hand in Kallio, Helsinki, from genuine wild clay from the Kultela. The material gives the products a wonderfully rich earthy character and thanks to the porous nature and rich iron and other mineral content of the clay, tea brewed in a wild clay bowl develops a richer flavor.

Udumbara wildclay bowls are made for use. You have to play with them and caress and rub them with your hands often. Wild clay, gains it's shine from your touching and rubbing. A well "loved" wildclay bowl has a better glow than a less "loved" bowl.

Never use soap or detergent on Udumbara wildclay bowls. Use it only for tea, it will absorb tea, as well as non-tea stuff. Don't put your bowl near any funny smell, especially when they are wet. Use it only for tea.

After use, extract all tea leaves from your Udumbara bowl. Rinse it with hot water to wash away all tea inside. Wipe it with soft fabric to get rid of all water. Then leave bowl in airy place to dry.

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