WORKSHOP 11.6.2022: Start your mushroom business


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11.6.2022. 10:00 - 17:00. Kutojantie 12, Espoo

Come make your mushroom farm dreams true!

We will share with you all knowledge we gathered in 5 years running a mushroom business in Finland and build the future of local food together. To get the most out of this workshop we recommend you attend one of the online courses we offer on 30.5. or 31.5. as they provide an introduction to what we will discuss during the workshop. You can find tickets here: ONLINE COURSE: 30.5.2022 or ONLINE COURSE: 31.5.2022.


  • Guided tour of the Helsieni mushroom facilities (Helsienen sienimön esittely).
  • Design your own mushroom business. Participants will develop & present their mushroom business ideas.
  • Lunch & discussion (Lounas ja keskustelua).
  • Substrate preparation and bagging.
  • Transferring substrate, harvesting & storing mushrooms.
  • Cleaning, hygiene & dealing with contamination and other common growth problems
  • What to do with spent substrate.

Language: English (& suomi)
Instructors: Chris Holtslag & Stéphane Poirié

Students, unemployed, etc. can get a 40% discount with the code: SPRING22.

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