ONLINE COURSE 30.5.2022: Start your mushroom business


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30.5.2022. 17:00 - 18:30 (UTC +3).

Come make your mushroom farm dreams true!

We will share with you all the knowledge we gathered in 5 years running a mushroom business in Finland and build the future of local food together. This online course is complementary to the WORKSHOP 11.6.2022: Start your mushroom business that we offer on June 11th, and helps you get more out of the workshop.


  • Growing techniques and biology: what do I need to learn before starting? (Sienten viljelytekniikat ja biologiaa: mitä minun tarvitsee tietää ennen aloittamista?)
  • Scale: realistic targets and minimum capital & skills needed (Tuotannon ja myynnin suuruus: realistinen tavoite ja pääomaa, rahaa ja työtunteja).
  • Presentation of Helsieni’s business model (Helsienen liiketoimintamallin esittely).
  • Low-tech mushroom production systems (Matala tuotantomenetelmiin).
  • Benefits of collaboration.

Language: English (& suomi)
Instructors: Chris Holtslag & Stéphane Poirié

Students, unemployed, etc. can get a 40% discount with the code: SPRING22.

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