Acai asai -palmun siemenmarja 20 kpl.


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Product description

acai -palmun siemenmarja on Etelä-Amerikassa paljon käytetty materiaali korujen valmistuksessa. sen pieni pyöreä muoto säilyy täydellisenä myös siemen kuivuessa. Acai seeds come from the Acai palm, Euterpe oleracea, which is found in the lush rainforest of South America. These trees grow predominantly in swamps and in floodplains, and reach heights of approximately 45 to 90 feet tall. small dark purple berries grow in dense clusters on the palm, and each contains a single seed about 0.25-0.4 inches in diameter. The fruit is harvested for food, and is most often served as a beverage. It has gained global fame in recent years due to its high antioxidant and energizing properties. Acai leaves are used to make various handicrafts, such as hats and baskets.