Kukui nut musta marble 2 kpl.

Muut Luonnonhelmet


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Product description

In Ancient Hawaii the Kukui oil was used to make light. Wicks where made from the spine of the frond leaf of the coconut palm, the first candles were made of candle nut.. When many nuts were used together, they would burn for many hours and these were the first torches.

The nuts and bark of the Kukui are also made into dye for Kapa or Tapa cloth and on cloth for Hula or markings on sacred cloth for ceremony. The tree has a Spiritual meaning of light, hope, and renewal.

The nuts come in black, brown and white. There are also variations of marble and tiger. They are strung in one color or the colors are mixed. Shells and seeds are also strung in between sometimes. You can shine your leis by the inside of the nut of freshly fallen kukui nut.

There is Sanded and buffed, rough or natural Kukui. There are leis. bracelets, anklets and necklaces.