Pona bombona pinkki 10kpl.


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Pona bombona siemenet ovat pyöreitä siemeniä Amazonin trooppiselta alueelta. Pambil seeds come from Iriartea corneto ,one of the grandest palms of South America. As a canopy tree, it grows about 60 to 105 feet tall, but from the bottom appears much like the "walking tree" Socratea exorhiza, because of its still roots. the Pambil palm is an essencial resource for the Quichua culture of Peru and Ecuador. Its wood is used for constructing houses, lances, bows, and blowpipes, and the leaves are woven into roofs of native huts. The pambil palms fruit, approximately one inch in diameter, contains the seed that is used in Faire Collections jewelry.