Prayer Changes Things (Beni Johnson ym)

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Movin’ on up!

Do you approach prayer with the same attitude and same requests—now you can flow into a new realm.

Prayer Changes Things shows you how to pray the Jesus way—responding to His Father with “yes” as a matter of habit. You, too, can learn to trust Him with that same response in your everyday life.

Prayer Changes Things includes excerpts from the following books and authors: Let Your Yes be Yes by Don Nori Spirit-Empowered Prayer Storm by James Goll Mystics, Mystical Experiences, and Contemplative Prayer by Beni Johnson Healing and Interventional Answers by Elmer L. Towns Prayer That Takes Hold of the Impossible! by Morris Cerullo The Power Source by Suzette T. Caldwell Praying in Another Dimension by Sue Curran The Life-Changing Benefits of Fasting by Mahesh Chavda Prayer Can Be Powerful (or Otherwise) by C. Peter Wagner You can pray with great power and authority—starting today!