Hamboards Bisquit

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HAMBOARDS® BISCUIT™ Our fresh mini, coming in at 24”x13¾” (61x33 cm) gives you more turn than any other mini we’ve encountered. They’re surfy, pumpable, and handcrafted here in California. The uber width of the Biscuit™ gives you more leverage for carving and pumping minus the wheel bite. Each Biscuit™ is hand dyed and hung out to dry right here at our shop.

Deck Surface: Solvent Free, Ultra Violet Light cured, clear grip surface Wheels: ABEC 11’s top of the line 60mm No Skoolz Trucks: Invader Trucks by Sure Grip made in California Bearings­: BILTIN Abec 7 bearings.

Hamboards Bisquit