Happy Gospel (Benjamin Dunn)

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The Happy Gospel: Effortless Union with a Happy God

When you encounter the pure and true Gospel, you encounter something from another realm. It will hit you like a ton of bricks. Its goodness instantly disintegrates all of your tainted preconceived ideas about Christianity. It revolutionizes you and scandalizes everything that you ever heard, or maybe even believed, about Christ and His work on the Cross.

That is what this book is about: that scandalizing message of Christ's Cross.

It is about the shocking joy offered to us in the Gospel.

It is about discovering a perfect salvation procured through Christ's perfect sacrifice.

In this book you will find what God truly requires of you and what He has provided for you.

You will without a doubt, discover an effortless union with a happy God, for this is what the Gospel boldly offers to all who will believe it.

Does this sound foreign? When you think of the Gospel, do you see it in such light and joy? If not, wouldn t you like to?