Hamboards Pescadito (Older model Demo -board)

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Demolauta luovutetaann 1.9. Himoksen tapahtuman jälkeen. Ennakkovarausmahdollisuus! Ota yhteyttä sami@godspeed.fi tai 040 7770078

HAMBOARDS® PESCADITO™ at 3’7”x14” has a reputation for turning any neighborhood into a surfer’s playground. Its lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry design makes it ideal for those who see the importance of having a board on the ready at all times.

The Pescadito delivers you from point “A” to point “B” in style—and quickly. The impressive turn arc of this maneuverable fun runner, springs you along to convert any driveway into carvable sections. Delivering some of surfing’s finest sensations, the Pescadito™ will have you pumping down the line to build, use and release speed.

Weight Limit: We haven't found one! We have riders up to 380 lbs. shredding our boards.