Hamboards Fish


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Demolauta (normaali hinta 375€)

The Bamboo Fish™ at 4’5”x17” (135x43 cm) was inspired by the early 70’s fast and loose Fish surfboard, offering the maximum maneuverability, specialized rail-to-rail driving turns, speed, power, and pumping acceleration for a ride that’s no stranger to the forces and sensations of surfing. A favorite among surfers and those who just like to carve and feel speed, the Fish is the “sports car” of the Hamboards line. The Fish offers a choice of natural bamboo or a psychedelic hand-painted (no two are alike) retro design which captures the love of old-school shortboard surfing. The Bamboo Fish designed, finished, and assembled at our shop in Huntington Beach, CA containing 100% “Green” renewable Bamboo and comes complete with wheels, trucks and bearings.

Weight Limit: We haven't found one! We have had riders up to 80 kg. shredding our boards with no problem at all. Deck Surface: Ultra Violet Light cured, clear grip surface Wheels: ABEC 11’s top of the line 90mm Flywheels. Trucks: Original’s state of the art torsion truck the S8. Bearings­: BILTIN Abec 7 bearings.