The Hungry Always Get Fed (Heidi Baker)

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This book continues the amazing story of the ministry of Heidi and Rolland Baker in Mozambique - an inspiring account of God's miraculous power poured out on the poorest nation on earth.

Taking an innovative approach to presenting its narrative, this book takes the form of an interactive blog and so chronicles a year in the life of the Baker's ministry and includes input from members of their wider team as well as Heidi and Rolland's personal insights.

The Hungry Always Get Fed is primarily about spiritual hunger - about connecting with a desire for the presence of God that overwhelms all our other needs. It includes "Life Principles" sections with teaching from Heidi Baker that gives the reader practical tools they can use to make their own life count for Christ. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the vast needs of the world's most marginalized people, readers will be left challenged and inspired that God's provision for their life will always be more than enough.