Martti Jämsä – Kaija Rantakari: Free Runoff


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Product description

Free Runoff is an artist's book in the form of a roll, consisting of a series of images by photographic artist Martti Jämsä and a sequence of verse, written by poet Kaija Rantakari and translated into English by Kasper Salonen.

Jämsä's abstract, moody images are a product of "cameraless" technique, made solely by means of photographic paper and darkroom chemicals. This also means that the original, much larger selenium toned prints are one-of-a-kind.

Rantakari's poetry comments on the organic, fluid images by developing reciprocal imagery of touching and encountering in the night, even creating suggestive narrative tones.

In the book, text and image are equal, occupying different sides of the same strip of paper.

Free Runoff is a parallel English version of the original Finnish work Vapaa valuma, which is available here as a separate item.

The size of the digitally printed roll is 185 x 1020 mm. It is inserted in a cardboard tube (⌀ 63 mm). For protection, the tube is additionally wrapped in brown tissue.

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Numbered edition of 50 copies.


ISBN 978-952-69504-7-1