Never stop – Finnish science fiction and fantasy stories


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From the high seas to strange histories, from dystopian milieus to galaxies that cry, we invite you to explore the rich landscape of Finnish speculative fiction. Never Stop brings you fifteen diverse stories from up-and-coming Finnish authors. Humor, hurt, love and loss. Spaceships and science. Old lore reinvented.

"These stories invite you to see a glimpse of new lights emerging in the vast sky of international speculative fiction. You may not have expected them, but once they have caught your eye, you will hopefully keep coming back for more."

– Emmi Itäranta, foreword

Katri Alatalo: A Winter Night’s Tale, Maria Carole: My Buttercup, My Everything, Maija Haavisto: Josefina’s Cart of Wonders, Magdalena Hai: The Beautiful Boy, Markus Harju: The Silver Bride, Saara Henriksson: The Whaler’s Wife, Janos Honkonen: The Air Itself Caught Fire, Jussi Katajala: Mare Nostrum, Artemis Kelosaari: The Wings of the Hornet Queen, Anu Korpinen: Star in the Deep, Anne Leinonen: Maid of Tuonela, J.S. Meresmaa: The Heart That Beats in a Dream, Anni Nupponen: The Tiniest in the World, Mikko Rauhala:The Guardian of Kobayashi, M.A.Tyrskyluoto: Never Stop

ISBN 978-952-7215-26-5 Nidottu. ISBN 978-952-7215-27-2 ePub Editors: Anni Nupponen, M.A. Tyrskyluoto, Saara Henriksson