Parcel shipment with tracking code for 1-2 discs

Pientilausten pakettitoimitus / Parcel delivery for small orders


Incl. VAT 24.00%
Product description

By purchasing this item your small orders of 1 or 2 discs will be shipped as a parcel with a tracking number, instead of a letter. Parcel shipment is faster and claims can be made for lost parcels making deliveries safer.

N.B. Do not purchase this, if you are ordering more than two discs. The orders of three discs and more will be automatically shipped as parcels without an extra charge.

Tämä on tarkoitettu toimituksiin ulkomaille. Kotimaisia pakettitoimituksia varten valitse 1-2 kiekon postitus pakettina seurantakoodilla.

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