The Forager's Cookbook (2023)

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A guide to 122 edible wild herbs

First published in Finnish in 2010 and constantly updated, this book presents 122 edible wild herbs found in nearby nature on seashores, forests, meadows, and even in yards - along with flavour profiles. and suitable recipes. Many of these typically Finnish and boreal wild herbs are also found in other regions. Get creative and adapt the recipes with the wild herbs you come across!

Sami Tallberg is a chef and contemporary hunter-gatherer with a passion for wild plants and local ingredients. Tallberg received the Finnish National Prize in 2012 and organises wild food workshops, lectures and foraging excursions. He helps companies to develop their food and beverage products into wilder and more seasonal ones. His unique catering and pop up events take place around the world. 

Eija Lehmuskallio and Jouko Lehmuskallio are behind the multi-award-winning online portal NatureGate - LuontoPortti for identifying and using wild plants (e.g. Finland's Quality Innovation Award and twice the State Award for Public Information). The book's species descriptions are based on information supplied by NatureGate, with species photographs by Jouko Lehmuskallio and species information coordinated by Eija Lehmuskallio.

Excellent photographs, concise plant-specific information, and Tallberg's signature take on seasonal, simple, and delicious recipes make this book truly unique.

  • Pages: 571
  • Size: (mm) 195x260x45
  • ISBN: 978-952-94-7606-0
  • Year of publish: 2023
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Suosittu Villiyrtti keittokirja nyt englanniksi

Vuonna 2010 ensimmäisen kerran julkaistu ja lähes vuosittain laajennettu suursuosikki saatavilla nyt myös englanniksi ja ruotsiksi! 122 luonnonkasvia tunnistusohjeineen ja herkulliset reseptit niiden hyödyntämiseen. Esiteltävät lajit ovat tyypillisiä Suomessa, mutta yleisiä myös muualla. Loistava lahjaidea ja tuliainen Suomesta!

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