Handmade large sauce paperihelmi koko 38x38mm 1 kpl.


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Product description

Tosi kaunis large sauce paperihelmi koko 38x38mm.
Handmade new beads from recycled paper. Each bead is unique. Is it a saucer? Is it a button? Is it a bead? Yes! It is all of the above. You will love the colors and look of these saucer beads. All beads are hand rolled from recycled paper and varnished with a non toxic glaze to make them water resistant. It is 38mm in size (diameter).

Colors may vary so the beads pictured are not necessarily the colors you will get. But you will love the different colors and patterns that you do get! Each bead has a different pattern on each side.

Use one as a focal bead or use them all as a necklace!