ART STYLE || How to Find Your Epic Art Style - Workbook || PDF

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ART STYLE || How to Find Your Epic Art Style || Workbook || PDF

● Elli Maanpää: EPIC ART STYLE ●

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Discover your art style with this digital book. PDF. 66 pages. Author: Elli Maanpää. 2023.

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Discover the secrets to unlocking your unique art style with this comprehensive and inspiring art style digital workbook. Delve into 7 chapters that guide you through self-discovery, embracing joy in your creative process, and finding your artistic voice.

Learn practical techniques, such as utilizing color palettes and analyzing your inspirations, to develop a cohesive and distinct style. Explore the power of art to communicate your passions and make a lasting impact.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this booklet is a valuable resource for unleashing your creative potential and standing out in the art world.

Enjoy the guidance provided in this art style guide. This is your opportunity to learn, grow, and uncover your own distinctive art style. Grab your paintbrush, embrace the joy of creation, and let’s embark on this artistic adventure together!




Workbook on Art Style: PDF file - 66 pages - A4 size (210 x 297 mm)

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I’m Helsinki based visual artist M.A. Elli Maanpää (b.1985 Turku). I’ve always found solace in the world of creation. In the heart of Helsinki, I breathe life into acrylic paintings, crafting colorful escapes from a sometimes tumultuous world.

I hold a Master’s degree in Visual Culture from Aalto University and a B.A. in animation and fashion. I’m is recognised for my solo exhibitions, and my art graces private collections worldwide, as well as public institutions like SataSairaala and Finland’s Postal Museum.

My mission extends beyond my art. I aim to ignite inspiration in others, encouraging you to embark on your own unique creative journey. In this guide, I share my knowledge and experiences to assist fellow visual artists to help them make them dreams come true.

Join me on my artistic voyage and explore my unique art at my website ▶︎ ellimaanpaa.com. Come say hello & follow me in social media i.e. Instagram ▶︎ @ellimaanpaa.



Please do not hesitate to message me. I am always eager to have feedback, questions and suggestions. Contact me by email at elli [at] maanpaa.com

You can also use hastag #epicartstyle in social media and tag me in Instagram @ellimaanpaa



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ALL MATERIAL COPYRIGHTED, © ELLI MAANPÄÄ 2023 This file is solely for non-commercial personal use only. All rights reserved. This book is intellectual property of © ELLI MAANPÄÄ, and if you alter it in any way, it does not transfer the ownership to you. It remains the intellectual property of © ELLI MAANPÄÄ.

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