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9 weeks Pull Ups Progression One of payment program – 39 €

Perfect for gym/home gym or bodyweight training with an access to a pull up bar.

This Program if for person who wants to get the first ever Pull Up or to get better with Pull Ups.

There are two sessions per week. The Program is for 9 weeks and devided to three sets of three weeks with a progressive program to ensure your progression with the Pull Ups.

The Pull UP Progression sessions are in addition to your other training OR as own progression/training.

This version is for a person who has access to gym or home gym or weights. You will need free weights such as dumbbells, barbell, elastic bands and pull up bar.

You will develop strength and muscular endurance to your upper body, that is vital to the Pull Ups.

After the payment you will get a link for the download of the Pull UP Progresion. (Download and save the pdf-file to your device straight away after purchase, after the first download the link expires.)

Pull UP!