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Product description

A pair of lighter blue pearl-shaped glass ear studs carefully handmade for you. | Käsinmuotoillut sinisävyiset lasihelmet ruostumattomasta teräksestä valmistetuilla korvakorutapeilla.

Handmade from coloured glass combined with butterfly-back stainless steel earring posts. The diameter of each round glass bead is about 6 mm. As the glass parts are hand-formed the colouring and shape of each piece is unique and the shape might vary slightly between the pair. The earring posts have been attached to the glass stones using a jewelry adhesive.

One listing includes one pair of glass bead ear studs in the colour you choose.

Please note: The stainless steel ear studs we use are nickel free but delicate skin can still react to metallic jewelry. Please consider this if you have noted any allergic reactions using metal jewelry.

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