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Finished Website in 1 day!

Do you want to quickly and affordably build a website for your business?

On this crash course, you'll build a modern and user-friendly website without coding or theoretical lectures by following simple instructions.

After completing the course, you'll have a ready website where customers can book appointments, online consultations and send you messages via a popup form.

Your site will showcase your business services and provide more information on the About Us page. It offers visitors all the essential details, such as a map, opening hours, special services, pricing, and contact information. You can also write a blog and link your site to your social media profiles and posts.

Simple Process

The course consists of 14+2 tightly packed videos, where you follow step-by-step instructions as I build a veterinarian's website as a model and explain what's happening on the screen in the bottom corner.

Initially, we acquire a domain, web hosting, and install the WordPress platform. The annual costs of the domain and web hosting are approximately 20-100 euros/dollars. (Not included in the course price)

One video at a time, we build the site's different elements using the user-friendly Elementor plugin.

As an additional benefit, you'll enhance your skills in using AI tools as we create images and text in new ways.

You don't need to know how to code. It's enough to be able to use a computer and follow instructions. You'll also get a business email with your own domain.

Learning together

By purchasing the course, you'll get access to the course website, where you can watch all the videos. More detailed instructions will be provided after the purchase.

You'll also get access to course materials and an invitation to the Discord channel, which serves as support for the course.

If, for any reason, the course doesn't suit you, you'll get a refund within 14 days of purchase.

Extra Material

As a bonus, the course includes two videos. In one, we strengthen the site's security against hacking attempts, and in the other, we add another language to the site, such as Swedish or English, which can be selected from the language menu.

This course is suitable for all service industry businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those in the pet care industry due to its specific focus. Whether you have an old website you want to revamp or you're starting from scratch, this course will help you build a new and fresh site.

After completing the course, you'll also get a free review with tips and a course certificate with a QR code. The downloadable file contains instructions for registering on the course site.

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If you are buying from Finland, please buy the Finnish version to include the VAT and I'll register you manually for the English course.

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