We Cry Out - Jesus Culture CD+DVD



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We Cry Out is the second release from Jesus Culture and the first to combine the CD with a DVD of the live experience. The songs from this CD/DVD have travelled the world and made an incredible impact on the youth of this generation. "The testimonies that have come as a result of We Cry Out are staggering. We have received reports of people getting saved watching the DVD, people encountering God in a fresh way, people who every morning put the CD on and just weep. Our heart was the same on this CD as our previous CD Everything. We wanted to capture the live worship experience happening at our Jesus Culture conferences and release the same encounter. We also added a DVD so people could join in the live worship in a new way. Kim Walker, Chris Quiala, and Melissa How do an incredible job as they usher this new breed of revivalists into the presence of God." The DVD includes a live performance and interview - Bill Johnson.