Terms and conditions for Helsinki Salsa Academy

Note: All sales are final. There are no refunds or cancellations. In some instances we might be able to compensate missed classes or training sessions by offering other equivalent or similar classes or training sessions or by offering classes and courses either live or online. By joining our classes, training teams, workshops, or events you also understand that we may occasionally send you similar e-mail marketing offers on similar classes as well as information about our academy. You also understand that by joining any of our classes, training teams, workshops, and/or events we will from time to time take photos and video material for marketing purposes. Additionally, we reserve the right to change all live classes, workshops, events, and training team sessions on-line at any moment as a way of alternative delivery for any promised training covered by your training session, class, or workshop fee. We reserve the right to provide similar training or to design a compensating online training program for any and all scheduled or planned live training sessions, workshops, and classes. By agreeing to these additional store terms and conditions you understand that you withdraw your right to any refund in case of any forje majure situation.

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