Marko Hautala & Broci: Pale Toes - A Graphic Novel

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Graphic novel adaptation of the Shirley Jackson Award nominated novelette “Pale Toes” by Marko Hautala

A backpacker couple arrive at a village in Southern France. At the local inn, they meet a man who offers to take them to prehistoric underground caves that are off limits for regular tourists.

He shows them his bare foot which has only one toe left. The rest, he says, are still somewhere in the caves. The mystery of the missing toes takes the couple deep into the timeless darkness underground.

Artist Broci and author Marko Hautala will take you on a claustrophobic journey to the center of your deepest fears.

He looked at the strange formation in the rock and realized that it had the shape of a face. Empty eye sockets, a mouth. A dead face momentarily animated by the moving beam of the torch.

Pale Toes - A Graphic Novel | Marko Hautala & Broci | Kuvitus Broci | 108 s. pehmeäkantinen | ISBN 978-952-7100-23-3 | 2017

Based on the short story Varpaat published by Haamu Publishing 2015 | Original short story © Marko Hautala 2015 | Finnish text © Broci & Marko Hautala 2017 | English translation © Broci & Marko Hautala 2017 | Illustrations © Broci 2017

Marko Hautala’s unique blend of psychological thriller and realism has attracted readers of all genres, earning him a reputation as the Finnish Stephen King. Marko Hautala’s thrillers balance on the fine line between psychological horror and the supernatural, and often incorporate realistic elements such as bits of local history and the most terrifying of legends. He received the Kalevi Jäntti Prize in 2010 and the Tiiliskivi Prize in 2008. His works have been translated into English, German, Italian and Czech. Marko Hautala

Broci is a comic artist whose visual style revolves around the paranormal, horror, human form and fashion. Broci’s illustrations are often dark and veiled in the symbolism of death. The art is often inspired by world wide mythology and horror stories. Broci’s work includes comics called Bad Friday and Stupid Comics, as well as illustrations, graphic and costume design. broci.art

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