Saana Jaakkola & John Swallow: Ghosts of Rauma

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Haunted Tales from the City of Lace

You may have heard of the city of Rauma, well-known for its lace, maritime history and UNESCO-listed old town. Situated on the picturesque southwest coast of Finland, its medieval quarter contains colourful wooden buildings and cobblestoned streets. It’s an idyllic place.

Less known are the mysterious secrets hidden within its walls. Since becoming a city in 1442, many dramatic events have occurred in Rauma. These have included: devastating fires, deadly diseases and violent murders. No wonder some of its former residents haven't yet found peace.

In Rauma, you will find haunted houses, bone-chilling boutiques and macabre museums. Its resident spirits can also appear at any time of the day or night, so eyes and ears should be kept open. Who knows what might be around the next corner?

Welcome to Rauma – a city of lace and ghosts!

Ghosts of Rauma - Haunted Tales from the City of Lace | Saana Jaakkola & John Swallow | Illustrations Suvi Kari | hardback | ISBN 978-952-7413-13-5 | 2021

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