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Note that because of COVID19 all our workshops will be held in smaller groups (max. 9 participants). During the workshop we will keep a safe distance to each other.

Looking for the perfect gift for your nature loving friends, family members or colleagues? Give them an unforgettable adventure experience in the beautiful Finnish nature and the opportunity to learn about the tasty, pure and health edible wild herbs or mushrooms. The foraging walks are held in Helsinki, Espoo or Nurmijärvi. Check out the foraging walk dates and locations from http://www.foraginginfinland.com/workshops/ or www.annanyman.fi/retket. This is a fantastic gift that includes a 2,5 hour guided walk and s wild herb or mushroom e-book. The voucher is valid for a year after purchase. If you would like to purchase a private foraging walk or workshop, please contact me by sending e-mail to nymanannae@gmail.com.

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