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GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF POLYKEG® ONE-WAY PET KEGS Art. 1 - Definitions and scope For the purposes of the scope and interpretation of these general terms and conditions, the recurring terms contained within shall be understood as having the following definitions: Polykeg: is the company Polykeg S.r.l, incorporated under Italian law (tax code: 03766000164). Client: is the subject requesting Polykeg to supply the products commercialised by the latter and who, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, must accept consignment and pay the price. Order: is the communication via which the Client asks Polykeg to supply the products, indicating the model, the quantities and the delivery times required. Order Confirmation: is the written communication sent by Polykeg to the Client via email or other equivalent means with which the order is expressly accepted, and is the only formality acceptable in determining the conclusion of the contract. Contract: is the legal bond between Polykeg and the Client in relation to the sale of the products indicated in the Order Confirmation under the conditions specified therein. Supply: is the group of products specified in the contract and indicated in the Order Confirmation. Parties: Polykeg and/or the Client, individually referred to as “Party” in cases in which the General Terms and Conditions refer, without distinction, to one of the two. Products: one-way PET kegs manufactured and/or commercialised by Polykeg and/or its affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or licensees. Prices: are the considerations due to Polykeg for each single keg of a determined type. Pallet: pallet or loading platform made of wood or similar material, on which the Products are grouped and stacked for storage, loading and transportation. Generally, each pallet of Polykeg Products is subsequently packed through wrapping in plastic film. User manual: is the reference document that can be downloaded online from the website www.polykeg.com and concerns the products and relative instructions for use. Consignment: is the act of taking possession of the Supply by the Client or the courier assigned by the same from the warehouse indicated by Polykeg. 1.2 These General Contract Terms and Conditions apply to all supply and sale relationships concerning products manufactured and/or commercialised by Polykeg S.r.l., either directly or through its affiliates, licensees and/or subsidiaries. 1.3 The General Terms and Conditions, which are also published and can be consulted on the website www.polykeg.com, are binding for the Parties even if not expressly referred to in the individual Order Confirmation, provided that the Client, also prior to the conclusion of the Contract, has declared in writing to be aware of and to accept them. 1.4 In the event that the individual Contract stipulated between Polykeg and the Client excludes the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions or contains clauses incompatible with the latter, the specific agreements contained in the Contract will prevail.

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