End of Season Swing & Blues party + taster



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The swing and blues season in Helsinki is slowly coming to its end. Time for a Saturday night party with intense Swing and Blues rhythms at Kirjantalo.

Kirjantalo is just a 10min walk away from Helsinki Railway station and comes along with a wooden floor and a really good sound system.

We are also taking care of cozy potluck table arrangements, so just bring along any foods you would like to share. There is also a fridge at the venue to keep your alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages cool.

The DJs will be announced shortly.

The party starts with an open level taster with the US teachers Ruth & Mike at 19.00. The taster is also suitable for dancers of all swing dances.

Feel like taking classes? Check the event Slow in the snow with Ruth & Mike.

19-20 Taster
20-24 Swing and Blues party at Kirjan talo

Tickets without the taster class:

Event page and workshops: https://portal.blackpepperswing.com/courses/1f1ov88oabl67gb79jjhdjhqmd/slow-in-the-snow-with-ruth-&-mike

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