Ada ya Uanachama ATF - Mihula Miwili

Ada ya Uanachama ATF - Mihula Miwili


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You acknowledge and agree that, by this payment, you agree to become a member of ASSOCIATION OF TANZANIANS IN FINLAND - ATF ry (Y-Tunnus 2828673-3).

This payment is part of two installments of 27.50 euro each which together they will make an annual membership fee of 54 euro. There is a fee of 50 cents per transaction.

The installments are to be paid at an interval of six months apart. Details from this transaction (your name, bank account number and email address) will be used to issue the next invoice. The invoices will be sent to the email address you provide in this payment.

This payment cannot be canceled or refunded.

Association of Tanzanians in Finland - ATF