Shakti Dance® Workshop with Originator Sara Avtar


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Awakening with Brigid - A Spring Renewal Workshop

A rare and special opportunity to meet, learn and dance with the originator of Shakti Dance®, Sara Avtar. It’s been over a decade since the last time she was sharing this beautiful practice live in Finland!

Time: Friday May 24th, 2024 at 18.00-21.00

Place: Joogakoulu Shanti, Runeberginkatu 43, 4.krs, Helsinki

Join us for a transformative Shakti Dance® workshop of renewal inspired by Brigid, the goddess of the Spring, healing, and light. Embrace the rejuvenating energy of Spring through Shakti Dance practices that spark inner growth, creativity, and new beginnings.

  • Immerse in Mythology: Delve into Brigid's tales of regeneration and embrace the season's vitality.

  • Personal Transformation: through relaxing and releasing, organic Shakti Flowing Asanas, vitalising Standing Exercises, and elevating group Mantric Choreographies, we will weave together a regenerative field, sharing a ritual for deep inner renewal.

  • Community Connection: Share this journey with like-minded souls, supporting and enhancing your experience.

  • Celebrate Spring: Step into the energy of rebirth and possibility.

Enrol now for a Vibrant Spring Awakening!

Reserve your tickets via https://holvi.com/shop/aquarianyoga/, space is limited

  • earlybird price 65€ before 12th of May and after that 75€

Please bring your own yoga mat and water bottle. Doors open at 17:40 and the workshop begins at 18.00.

Please note that your registration is binding. In case you cannot make it to the workshop, the payment is not refunded, but you can pass on your ticket or use the amount you paid for Aquarian Yoga’s other events.

The workshop is held in English.

Your teacher and guide:

Sara Avtar, a British-born yogi and dancer based in Italy, is the founder of Shakti Dance® - The Yoga of Dance. Since 1987, her journey has woven through diverse yoga styles and meditation, leading to her becoming a Yoga Alliance/E-RYT 500 Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer and a Meditative Healer. As CEO of the Shakti Dance Academy, Sara has trained hundreds of teachers worldwide, integrating wisdom from Sufism, Yogic Philosophy, Buddhism, Tai Chi, and dance. Shakti Dance®, her creation, blends movement, breath, and sound to connect with the soul and Earth's harmony. Also a composer and singer, she has produced six music albums. Sara's current work focuses on Celtic mythology to inspire Shakti Dance movements, creating 'Rituals to Regenerate the Earth' for self-empowerment and environmental sustainability.

About Shakti Dance:

Shakti Dance®, known as 'The Yoga of Dance,' is a transformative practice that combines breath, movement, sound, and mindfulness. It features flowing asanas, rhythmic breathing, dance, mantra movement meditations, and still meditation. This practice fosters relaxation, sensitivity, and authentic expression, drawing from various wisdom traditions. Embodying the Principles of Harmonious Movement, Shakti Dance® enhances connection to the Source, unlocks creativity, and supports healing and renewal. It emphasizes a deep bond with nature and goddess wisdom, incorporating group rituals that promote collective healing and reconnection with the Earth. Shakti Dance® offers an empowering path of self-discovery and creative expression.

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