Vestax PDX-3000 Professional Turntable (vuokra)



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Product description

FEATURES The Torque Simulator System Break control to adjust the stopping speed of the platter A heavier pitch control fader for fine adjustment and advanced accuracy Standard +/-10% pitch control and +/-50% pitch control Vestax's Original DC direct drive powerful motor MIDI input connection Torque Simulator Adjustable tone arm base Ultra strong foamed ABS plastic body Air Suspension Insulators (feet) SPECIFICATIONS Motor Direct Drive DC Motor Starting Torque 2.7kg Starting Time 0.5sec Wah Flatter 0.07% W.R.M.S. Torque: Digital torque simulator Tone Arm: ASTS straight tone arm Size / weight: 454(W) X 162 (H) X 365 (D) mm / 9.5kg Power: AC100V

Vuokrausaika 24h. Lisähinnasta myös kuljetus.

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