Scene Editing Mastery 3000 - Janne Lesonen


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Editing scenes is a crucial skill in the world of improvisation. This 3-hour workshop, "Scene Editing Mastery 3000," is designed for intermediate and advanced improvisers who want to refine their scene-editing techniques. Explore various editing methods, learn the art of timing, and discover how to create seamless and engaging narratives.

Janne Lesonen

Janne has been rocking the improv scene in Tampere, Finland, longer than it takes to learn a new dance move (and trust us, he's got those moves down!).

When he's not busy being the unofficial Pit Viper sunglasses ambassador or trend-setting across Europe with his firecracker team Doris Likes Everything, Janne takes center stage as your fearless improv companion and teacher.

Teaching and coaching with an enthusiasm only matched by a kid in a candy store, Janne brings the "fun" back into "fundamentals." For him, improv is all about heart-pounding, side-splitting, spontaneous joy.

On-stage, Janne's the master of mirth, the prince of play, and the maestro of mischief. Off-stage, he's a crate-digging, record-loving, cat-adoring, weird-fact-devouring, PlayStation-playing, cool-friend-hanging enthusiast.

So, whether you're a seasoned performer or an improv novice, get ready to join Janne on a laughter-filled adventure that's bound to make even the most serious "business - as - usual" types crack a smile.

Get ready to play, learn, and discover the art of improv with the one and only Janne Lesonen. Laughs, learning, and ludicrous amounts of fun await!


  • Time: Friday 6th of October, 2023 @ 17–20
  • Location: Games as Art Center - Voimakatu 11, 33100 Tampere
  • Level: Intermediate / Advanced

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