Finland Improv ry jäsenyys 2024 / Membership 2024


Product description

Membership for Finland Improv ry for the year 2024.

The mission of Finland Improv ry is to support Finland’s improv community by creating opportunities for improvisers of all levels to play, connect and grow. We operate in Tampere in two languages, Finnish and English.

The association is known for organizing the Finland International Improv Festival (FiiF) in Tampere, which is the biggest improv theater festival in Finland. We will also focus on building the local improv community stronger by providing more local events and networking opportunities for improvisers in Tampere and in Finland.

The membership fee for the year 2024 is 10 euros. Members of the Association have the ability to help shape the further growth of the Association and its role in promoting improvised theatre in Finland. Members are invited to attend meetings of the association and are welcome to apply to be on the Board. A new board will be selected in the Autumn Meeting.

Finland Improv ry