Yellow Mood Kitchen – The Best Raw Desserts E-book


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I think of food, and especially of those moments of gastronomic pleasures spent with our loved ones, as one of the greatest pleasures in life. This book was born out of passion and respect – it's an ode to real, unprocessed, and fresh ingredients that I appreciate and love to bits. Treats made of original and genuine ingredients are a true luxury and the best possible nutrition for both the body and the mind. That’s why every single recipe in this book is made without white sugar, gluten, or dairy.

Raw food baking is generally very health-oriented and I deem it equally important to make my treats beautiful & tasty. Even the healthiest cakes must be delicious – no compromises with this! As a bonus beautiful raw food pampers our senses and we can reap all the benefits of highly nutritious ingredients that support our wellness and energise us in everyday life.

I hope you'll enjoy your journey to the sweeter and healthier world with these new treats! Be inspired and curious, try different variations, have fun, and play around. You can count on me when I say that quality ingredients and a curious mind make a very pleasurable playground.

The Best Raw Desserts E-book contains:

✓ Large info section about natural sweeteners, binding agents, superfoods & flavoring

✓ Guide for different raw baking techniques, equipments & textures

✓ Over 45 delicious & healthy recipes without refined sugar, gluten, dairy or eggs

✓ 95 % of recipes are vegan (the rest 5 % are easy to make vegan simply switching raw honey for vegan sweeteners)

✓ Measurements in cups and millimeters

✓ 200 pages

✓ FAQ-part where is answer for 29 different questions about raw baking

✓ Guide for substituting nuts in recipes

✓ Lot of high-quality photographs

✓ Very aestethic design & visual layout

✓ Recipes for raw cakes, pies, tarts, truffles, raw chocolates, nice creams, sweets, jams, sauces and plant youghurts

✓ The book is delivered in PDF form and it works together with Mac, PC, Android, Kindle, iPad and so on