Academic ribbon (long/sash)


Product description

Primus Collegium Ry’s academic ribbon was launched in 2019. All members of Primus Collegium have the right to wear the academic ribbon and complete their look, for instance, at the Annual Ball or other academic events. Primus Collegium’s academic ribbon is bologna red, representing law students like the bologna red overalls. By wearing the academic ribbon, the members of Primus Collegium represent unity and the association. While wearing the ribbon, one is expected to act according to good academic manners and represent Primus Collegium with dignified behaviour.

Short ribbon (to use with a strapless dress, 40 cm) Long ribbon (for use with a suit, 1 m)

NB! If you want to purchase an academic ribbon to wear to our Annual Ball, delivery will occur Thursday-Saturday, during school hours, at Meeting Park OASIS Ruoholahti.

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