Library of Feelings

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Creative and fun way to explore feelings Illustrated by Scandinavian artist Linnea Bellamine. This book combines two amazing things – animals and feelings – in an inspiring way. Create your own fairytales and stories. Color the drawings, frame them and place on the wall, or use them in emotional education to explore different feelings. Let the colors and imagination flow and see what happens.

Kids, youth & adults What colors would I use to color this feeling? Different colors convey different psychological meanings but there are no right or wrong answers. The book contains over 40 hand drawn animals that are full of emotion. You can use it like a coloring book: express yourself through different colors and explore how they fit into different emotions. You can also come up with stories and fairytales based on the drawings or think about how emotions arise. Printed on premium paper, so you can color the drawings with colored pencils, markers, or water colors. The book is suitable for all ages – even adults! A book so enchantingly beautiful that you don’t want to put it away!

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