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Lounge & Lifestyle - St.-Petersburg Journal Vol. 1 is finally available for pre-orders! * We will start international shipping of this product asap (- or in early November of 2018). Is available here and directly from the magazine website (will be added there to the store soon).

On what's inside + SIZE & DIMENSIONS: This beautiful total of 174 pages story book has a glossy finish and comes in an A5 travel size, which makes this magazine super easy to take anywhere with you to enjoy. Our very first issue contains: exclusive texts & interviews about photographers Pavel Birukov, Stefano Brunesci, Dean West, Maxim Marmur, designer 2OR+BYYAT, producer & model Jasmine Pajari, Actor and theatre director Alexey Krasnozvetov, musician & artist Valentin Afanasieff, St.-P. Wine bar & restaurant Molto Buono 2, promotion of Veronica Lounge 2nd Limited Edition book STREET PETERSBURG (-Limited edition of 150 copies - also available in our store) and article about our trip to Finnish Lapland. All photos and texts were styled, edited, executed and done by: Veronica Lounge.

ISSN: 2489-3331 / Price: 36EUR (incl. VAT 10%). / Language: English / Year of print production: 2018 / Categories: Photography & Arts + Magazines & Lifestyle / Circulation: Worldwide, printed on-demand.

Read more about our L&L project via: www.loungeandlifestyle.com