Mail order experimance in English



Product description

Mail Order Experimance is an experimental performance form, called Experimance. Experimance emphasises the active part of the spectator in the creation of the event. Experimance is based on the alteration of the consciousness and perception of the spectator. The idea is to create suggestive performative environment, where the experience of the spectator and the actual performance become entangled and incorporated.

Mail Order Experimance will be dispatched to each spectator in an envelope, which is delivered through mail. After receiving it, spectator can experience the performance at home, or any private intimate location chosen. MOE is not a performance in a conventional sense, nobody else will participate it, except the spectator itself. Spectator is the active ingredient in it, and everyday reality functions as the stage of the performance.

Price includes postage fee in Finland. If you want to order Experimance abroad, please contact sales@todellisuus.fi

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