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Leadership Promises - From Creation To Fulfilment

A Guide For The Goal-oriented Development of Leadership Culture

Leadership Promises takes its reader on a journey of change: a journey of controlled modification and development of leadership culture. At the heart of the process lies verbalizing a new objective for the organization’s culture, by formulating and putting into practice a set of leadership principles called leadership promises. This book takes a practical approach to describing the various stages of the leadership promise process: creation, implementation and maintenance.

Thought exercises guide the reader in reflecting and gaining insight on their actions, and the book provides orientation into themes of self-leadership and leadership of others, against which the reader can compare and refine their own leadership. One of the great advantages of the book is its firm basis in experience, which deepens the theoretical information.

Leadership is a significant competitive advantage for companies: actively leading leadership can be recommended for organizations of any size. Leaders with presence create genuine connections; they are crucial building blocks in the organization’s success, as they guide both the company and its employees towards their full potential.

“Nikula reminds us that leadership is worth leading in companies of any size. This book is a reflection of its author: sincere, practical and inspiring.”

KATRI VIIPPOLA, CEO, The Association for Finnish Work


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