Berlin Coat by ElektroCouture - Black - M/L | multisex


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Product description

Do you recall the warm-fuzzy feeling when you’re flying into the city of Berlin at night? You make your way through the beautiful street lights glowing in the dark, looking at them from the above. The oversized knitwear design of the Berlin Coat captures this feeling. The coat is made of extra-fine Oekotex-certified Merino Wool, which makes it lightweight and protects you from extreme weathers providing a soft grip. The pattern of the coat shows the Berlin citymap, graphically stylised and pixelated. The garment is knitted on one of our hacked Jacquard machines. The LEDs in the coat are powered by a high-quality battery placed inside the welt pocket which gives the wearer enough power to glow the whole day. Additionally in the pocket, a layer of special anti-electro-smog textile directs all electromagnetic radiation away from you. The coat has a capacity to hold two batteries so that the wearer never stops glowing. The small and soft LEDs are washable to the maximum of 30 degrees on the finest washing machine cycle, handwash is recommended. The side pockets and sleeve hems are lined with a cotton jersey. The Berlin Coat is multisex and can be worn by all genders.

Technology: LED Embroidery, Hacked Knitting Machines, Wearable Power Banks

Colour: Black and White, Pink Detailing

Size Details: Length From The Shoulder 115 cm - Chest Width 143 cm

Garment Care: 30° Machine Washable