The Journey of Light - Mirror-Effect | multisex


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Product description

What happens when a white light passes through a prism? Each wavelength refracts at a different angle, and the prism disperses the light into its constituent colors. The Journey of light, based on the concept developed with illustrator and designer Dorota Orlof (http://www.dorkastrong.com) captures this travel of light through an artistic approach. Portraying the play of light when it hits the prism, the squares in the design symbolise the prism and the lines symbolise light. With the use of high precision laser-cut technology, the necklace design depicts dispersion of light.

Material: Acrylic, Metallic Studs, Grosgrain Ribbon

Colour: Mirror-Effect Pendant and White Ribbon

Size Details: Pendant 130 mm x 75 mm x 3 mm - Adjustable Length