Helsinki Didgeridoo Breathwork Day Event

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Helsinki Didgeridoo Breathwork Day Event

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This Introduction course is for Motivated people that are seeking solutions or inspiration for:

• Respiratory issues as asthma, sleep-apnea, snoring • Seeking new instant techniques for meditation and stress relief. • Public Speaking vocal training and presentation empowerment • Professionals who are curious to experience new approaches on health and fitness.

This course focus on the Health Improvement of what Playing Didgeridoo will do for you. Course leader and founder of the Breath Control Academy Bastiaan Anthonie is well experienced to its result as he solved his asthma, sleep-apnea and 1,5 year burn by mastering the didgeridoo playing techniques. Trained over hundreds of people in the Netherlands over the last 25 years in his own Didgeridoo school in Rotterdam and The Hague. Including many educational (private & governmental) and corporate organizations and medical environments.


10:00 - 13:00: Part 1 - Didgeridoo  Breathing physiology

A.P.M System techniques by Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij

• How to use Didgeridoo techniques in Respiratory Attacks. • How to train muscle memory for verbal/ non verbal communication. • How Didgeridoo playing guides the nervous and immune system. • How Breathing and Sound frequencies relate to playing didgeridoo. • How Playing Didgeridoo can be used for instant meditation & focus.  • How to use the A.P.M System breathing techniques in daily life (fight & flight / rest & digest response)  • Scientific explanations about how sound, vibrations, breathing patterns and mindset are affecting the human emotional and physiology aspect of daily life.

13:00 - 14:00: Lunch break###

Healthy Snacks & Smoothies Happy Coffee & Tea or juice

14:00 - 18:00: Part 2 - Didgeridoo Playing Introduction##

Practice & Experience this:

• How Didgeridoo playing connects with you Air, Anatomy & Mindset • Playing & Understand the 3 fundamental tones • Spitting techniques & Rhythm creation • Experience your Vocal Power • Understand The Air Pressure Movement system • Gathering Music Creation


• How to increase metabolism through breathing and muscle memory.  • Scientific explanations about physiology of neurological response to sound vibrations and digital devices. • Visualization of our Brain activity while playing Didgeridoo

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