How to Relax for Better Concentration

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Helsinki Didgeridoo Breathwork Event

Incl. Lunch and Didgeridoo Your Investment €179,-

My Goal to help you Learn 3 Skills

And become able to understand How to Implement them in your Daily life

  1. Learn to Notice When You are Stressed.
  2. How to control the outcome of your Stress
  3. Experience How Didgeridoo Playing can Relax Body & Mind.


When you are feeling tension, feeling stress Exhaling makes Room for Oxygen. Experience how Playing didgeridoo stimulates immediate auto feedback on how you are breathing. And how this responds to changes in your physical and psychological state

This course is in English and open to those who are interested in Learning a new Approach to Relax thru the Baaij Breathing Method.

To Whom:

  • Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Healthcare professionals & Public Speakers
  • People that like to Improve Respiratory Problems caused by Asthma, Sleepapnea, COPD and Snoring.
  • People that like to improve their breathing for Meditation and Yoga purposes
  • People that #Enjoy to Experience Primitive Music

Course Leader Background

Course leader and founder of the Breath Control Academy Bastiaan Anthonie music professional in education, composing and performing in 7 instruments. He has personally experienced the benefits of playing didgeridoo. For him it resulted in solving his asthma, sleep-apnea and recover from a 1,5 year burn-out. The training methode he developed has supported over hundreds of people in the #Netherlands over the last 25 years in his own Didgeridooschool Bastiaan Baaij in #Rotterdam and TheHague and vocalcoaching at DMDP Music. Actively executed in many educational (private & governmental), corporate organizations and medical environments.


10:00 : Welcome & Introduction 10:45: break 15 min 11:00: Session 2 11:45: break 15 min 12:00: Session 3 12:30: Lunch 13:00: Session 4 13:45: break 15 min 14:00: Session 5 14:45: break 15 min 15:00: Session 6 15:30: Q & A 16:00: End

As Long as You can #Breathe You can Play and Relaxing in a New Way.

The Breath Control Academy