Responsible Shadow -Coaching Program / monthly price



Incl. VAT 24.00%
Product description

Responsible Shadow Work for committed individuals and change makers who want to make a difference in their life and transform the world by transforming self as well to gain understanding of how to live a more holistic, integrated and sustainable life and act in responsible ways as a leader.

  • 6-12 month program.
  • Meetings twice a month 1,5 hours.

Responsible Shadow Work is, a soulful approach to sustainable personal and leadership development that heals and integrates unconscious parts in self allowing you to access healthier emergence of whole beingnes. The process uses individual responsibility for active awareness based inner processing, systemic coaching and vertical wholeness orientations to release tensions, stuck energy in the body and liberates the flow, joy and life force (chi), which together awaken your full potential and clarity and creativity.

Offer for leaders: Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile (VHLP) + 1 session debrief 390€+VAT 24%.

Prerequisites to shadow process:

  • You are aware of shadows in you or aware of something limiting your life.
  • You are not depressed at that moment. You may be healing from depression, but you have good strength and ability to be responsible of your situation and believe in growth oriented approach.

Sustainable Growth / Vastuullinen Kasvu