FORMAATTI -TYÖPAJA su 23.5. klo 10-13, (KAAMOS)

Kaamoksen työpajat (muut kuin Suiten jäsenet)


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Kouluttaja/ Teacher: Sara Palmer. THIS WORKSHOP IS IN ENGLISH (harrastajille ja edistyneille/ intermediate and advanced)

Courtesy Sleeve (Mike O’Brien) is an improv format in which the atmosphere of an event will be played as a static stage picture to start the piece. From this stage picture, improvisers will go into an organic exploration of mirroring and group mind. At the end of the exploration we see a run of scenes inspired by the previous group work. After a run of scenes has expired, we edit back to the event and the original stage picture. This workhsop is going to explore the format of Courtesy Sleeve and will involve a lot of group work, active listening, physical expression and fun!

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