11.7. 2023 Classical Nepalese Yoga and Mantra Chanting Evening


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We have a fantastic and exceptional opportunity to meet Prakriti Dhungana from Shanti Yoga Ashram Nepal for one evening in Finland. She is on tour in Europe and comes directly from Spanish yoga festival for one evening workshop in Finland before returning to Nepal.

Warmly welcome to experience her classical teachings in yoga, mantra chanting, kirtan, and tantric rituals. She will also have a classical dance show for us which is fantastic!

Entrance fee: 20 euro in Sun&Moon webshop and 25 euro at the door: https://holvi.com/shop/souljoy/product/fdadd3522e4d5310618861772a1129fd/,

Time: Starts at 17.30 and ends around 21.00.

If you are interested in personal vedic astrological readings, please contact us before Sunday 9.7: info@sunandmoon.fi Cost for astrological reading: 30 euro - 50 euro according to your financial situation.

About Prakriti Dhungana: Born into a yogi family, she grew up in the Shanti Yoga Ashram, living Shiva’s teachings right from the start: transformation, meditation, and the destruction of ego and ignorance.

Of peaceful and curious nature, she lives in harmony with her 9 chakras, 9 shaktis and 9 planets. Feeling a strong connection to Saraswati, she receives her blessings for intellectual pursuits, creative endeavours, and spiritual enlightenment. Her vision is to help people with their Sadhana; that through their disciplined spiritual practice, they know themselves better, so they purify and recognize their divine essence as the path to happiness.

She believes in a simple, sattvic lifestyle and to follow the Aachara or Dharma. More: http://www.shantiyogaashram.com/prakriti-dhungana.html

In December 2022 we where in this unique classical tantra yoga ashram, Shanti Yoga ashram, where Prakriti lives, and we hope to be able to give you a glimpse of this warmhearthed and amazingly deep experience we had in the ashram.

Warmly welcome to meet Prakriti ❤️

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