Universal Laws and Spiritual Progress



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Erkki Lehtiranta: Universal Laws & Spiritual Progress – A Manual for a Meaningful Life Wisdom of Master Hilarion

Smiling Stars 1/2019 Paperback, 252 pages ISBN-13: 978-9529983285 Contact: info@smilingstars.fi (Also available as e-book (EPUB) at BoD.fi ISBN 978-9529983292 or Amazon ASIN: B07N31D4H9)

Welcome to a guided tour of the 12 universal laws. This book is a messenger. The messages are the Universal Spiritual Laws, the ultimate rules of reality, and the basic principles of creation. These are the ways and means that the universe uses to converse with us every day, every hour - right now.

The Universal Laws are the great lesson of humanity and breaking them is at the base of the great problems of our time. On the other hand, understanding them and complying with them guarantees your maximum spiritual progress, integration, the expansion of your consciousness, and your well-being. These cosmic principles are the unchanging factors behind all change. Of course, you can live without knowing about them or you can even turn your back on them, but knowing, studying, and following the Universal Laws makes your life much more meaningful, joyful and excellent. If you want profound knowledge about the nature of reality, this is the book just for You!

M.A. Erkki Lehtiranta is a Finnish author, lecturer, spiritual astrologer and raja yogi, who has walked the spiritual path since the late 70's. He has been working with Master Hilarion's teachings for more than 20 years and has written 12 books on different spiritual themes, e.g. spiritual astrology, reading the reality, vibrational remedies, and the higher octaves of music.

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