Creative Self-Leadership Workbook (digital)

Creative Self-Leadership Workbook (digital)


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This workbook is for anyone who wants to be their own hero, make others shine; and promote a deeper understanding of human actions and thoughts at their workplace or at home. The story of Creativity Squads started from a small gathering of people whose aim was to steer everyone towards a meaningful path in their life. It was supposed to be a picnic, but it became much more. After a while, the gatherings and workshops began to develop into something bigger through testing different methods, sharing stories, and giving feedback. A lot has happened after the first picnic. Squads’ focus has sharpened, and our format has become standardized. With this workbook, we want to share the latest version of the development we have made. The book will encourage you to discover new sides of yourself, develop your actions around the human aspects of life and help you to create meaningful and joyful moments in your environment. We hope you have a fun and thoughtful time with the book. :) // Creativity Squads There are many things that inspired us to make the workbook, but the final inspiration came from Finnish IT company Futurice’s Lean Service Creation handbook. We love their methods and the canvas format they provide, and we highly recommend reading the book by clicking the link below. You can also read their handbook called Lean Brand Creation. www.leanservicecreation.com

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