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Say no to calorie counting. Find a permanent balance for sustainable life and living.

The 80/20 Nutrition Rule is a fresh and flexible approach to nutrition. Instead of creating lists of what is allowed and what is not, the main point is to focus on balance. It may even sound too easy because if you want results, you need to change your diet.

The idea of the 80/20 Nutrition Workbook e-book was born of a crazy thought: "What if people could give up dieting?" "What if you focused on permanent balance? And you would lose weight as a result of that?"

Studies show that it is the dieting that makes us gain weight. And still, year after year, the coffee table discussions go around on different diets and ways to lose weight quickly, wondering if the next "diet" would be the one that finally makes me happy forever.

Unfortunately, that seldom is the case. 95 % of all dieters fail and gain their weight back. The solution is not to give up sugar, grains, gluten, and dairy or to go on low carbs. The media is very eager to tell you otherwise.

Fad diets do not work. Nothing that is strict or limiting doesn't work. Our mind starts playing tricks on us: all that is forbidden is suddenly attempting; we "eat the wrong things," and we give up on ourselves.

We have a solution. What if this spring it all was different? What if this was the start of a long-lasting new way of eating? By following the 80/20 Diet Rule, you'll get all the health benefits, and you can lose weight. When your diet is 80 % balanced, the rest can be indulging.

Simple yet effective.

Mia Karlsson and Marika Venalainen are the developers of the SHYE Concept family.

Mia tried all strict diets to control her weight and find help for her fatigue and digestion problems. With the help of the 80/20 Nutrition Rule, she finally found long-lasting balance. She developed the My Plate Coach app as part of her journey.

Marika is a nutrition specialist with ten years of experience with yo-yo dieting customers and weight challenges. She joined Mia on her mission to help people give up a dieting mentality. Together, the ladies have taken the See How You Eat apps to the next level. Marika's long professional experience guarantees facts based on nutrition science and proven methods.

Together, the ladies have taken the See How You Eat -products to the next level. Now, the concepts have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide. The core value of all the work is to create an impact using different methods.

Format: PDF, 124 pages. It is delivered to you by email after the purchase.

See How You Eat - for Permanent Balance